Best Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Posted on 11 May 2018 (0)

We may find some front garden ideas being universally useful. For example, mixing evergreens and some seasonal flowers will benefit a front yard making it more beautiful. If the two are well mixed, then we can have the freedom to add or remove flowering plants depending on the season. As the season changes, we may be able to make use of flowering evergreens like the azaleas, and this plant does not require much effort.

It is essential to mind the environment and commitment level when planning a garden. Plants vary according to the watering and sunlight needs. It does not matter what front yard landscaping ideas are best, but it is important to consider the plants that will be appropriate according to the climatic conditions. We should create a front yard that will boost our home’s value and that can wow our neighbors.

Here are some professional landscaping design tips by Alex Sanchez , a pro Naperville landscaper who owns Elite Landscape Group and contributor to Naperville Landscaper Society.

Cheerful Floral Border and Window Boxes:  Planting a colorful border of flowering plants helps to enliven the entryways and its one of the easiest ways to add some interest to our home’s front yards. In this kind of front garden idea, a mixture of perennials and petunias are used to bring out a right combination of colors while some few evergreen bushes are used to ensure year-round greenery. The use of window boxes makes this particular design so appealing. They also help the visitors to draw the eyes to the house itself and not only used as beautify the entryway.,

Clematis Climbing Wall: This one is mostly used by those people who would like to hide ugly walls or fences. There are varieties of more than 300 species genus in this showy flower. This kind of plants does well with plenty of suns, moist soil, and calm environment. It can be evergreen in warmer areas and deciduous in colder regions. Every summer there is a proliferation of showy flowers. There are different colors, pink and purple being common but there is also bright red, white and indigo.

 Showy Succulent Stone Planters:  It’s the best for a low water yard, and easy to care for. It is also best for any climate, and they are available in many different colors and are easy to care for too. Most of the western gardeners appreciate the fact that this display uses little water and much lesser attention is directed to them. For the best results, use a mixture of textures and types including small yuccas and aloes to give proper heights.

If we follow these given ideas, we will have a beautiful home, and we may not have much stress on what type of plants to use because most of them will grow well in any climate and use little water. It feels good to appreciate value for our money. Staying in a calm and beautiful environment is everyone’s dream. Therefore, it is good to take time before designing our front yard designs.

Small backyards Ideas

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It is necessary to stay outdoor to recharge especially after having quite a long or busy day. Sitting on the fresh air and in a comfortable silence is the best and the highest quality rest on can achieve. A small backyard may seem too tiny, but there are a lot of ideas that can help transform them into something beautiful. We may have a perfect house with a beautiful garden but with a small backyard. The small backyard can be transformed into a comfortable and impressive space for our outdoor entertaining following the given ideas.

  • Trim Trees

Select upward growing trees when shopping for shrubbery. For a good shade, fresh air and considering space choose green giant, arborvitae, Persian ironwood and maples or cherry trees.

  • Side Gardening

On our fencing, it is good to line the fencing with side gardens leaving the center of the yard open. This kind of format helps to create an illusion of space.

  • A White Backyard

Using light colors will always give an illusion of space. For a refreshing and airy backyard, it’s good to use white walls, furniture, and light-hued plants.

  • The Skinny Pool

Swimming pools are not limited only to large backyards. For a small backyard, a narrow lap pool can be a great addition that will provide more beauty to the small area.

  • Mosaic Pathway

For a beautiful look, it is good to introduce color and some stylish shapes into the backyard with a detailed mosaic pathway.

  • A Grassy Nook

There is a time when we need to relax with our loved ones, therefore segment some portion of the yard to grow a lush of grass.

  • Vertical Box Gardening

Lack of space cannot hinder us from creating floral garden beds. With the smaller spaces, we can create vertical box gardens.


The shape of the garden is always so important, therefore keep in mind when choosing the kind of plants to use. Diamond pavers can also bring out some excellent beauty to our backyards. The backyards should also be given some character and color.

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The Basics About Hiring A Lawn Care Service

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Lawn Care Service

Before hiring a lawn company for any lawn care service, the essential things to consider should always be the service costs and the business reputation. It is important because we should still fit the service into our budget. Going to a reputable company is just to make sure that it’s reliable and offers high-quality services. However, there are more factors to consider.

Factors to consider before hiring lawn care service:

  • Your Landscaping Needs

Not all companies specialize in the same thing. Some companies specialize in different areas. Some companies do not offer service at all, and we all know that lawn care makes our homes look beautiful and attractive. Therefore, it means that we should come up with a list of what we expect the lawn company to perform and make sure the candidates can take the challenge.

  • Lawn Mowing Basics

Besides making sure our chosen company can do a decent job mowing, edging, fertilizing, and mulching. We also need to make sure that they can sufficiently navigate around considerable obstacles like gazebos, and they can carefully move smaller obstacles like lawn furniture. Be sure that the company can be responsible and contentious enough to avoid causing any harm to children and pets. The company itself should also be comfortable with any pets that might be out in the yard.

  • Scheduling a Lawn Mowing Service

All companies do not perform lawn care service and maintenance in Flowery Branch all year round. Some companies perform specific tasks during certain months. Make sure the company hired can offer lawn care services whenever the need to arises.

Lawn Care Companies

We should always be sure about what we want to spend on the lawn service fee, therefore, always specify with the company the given amount. The company should also tell what they are willing to charge for routine maintenance.  For more information read this article about a mowing service in Naperville.

Different Types of Landscape Designs

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The property around your home can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to landscaping. It may seem expensive to hire a professional landscaping company, but that is the only great place we can eventually turn to when we need significant work. It is, therefore, good to do some research so that we can decide on what style of landscape design we want to achieve and by doing this we shall be able to save on time and money.
The best landscaping experts will always evaluate one’s property around their homes and work with the ideas given to them to create unique designs that will let individuals enjoy value for their money. A good landscaping company should use high-quality plants, flowers, fixtures, pavers, and irrigation systems to provide a full range of landscaping services and design elements. The company should be able to complete the given projects within the time required.

Here are some ideas for types of landscape designs:

Hardscape and Garden Mix for natural care
Sometimes maintaining a property always feels like a constant chore and therefore we can still combine hard surfaces with plantings. It is good to plan garden plots that are outlined with paths of stone slabs or colorful gravel as this makes them look so beautiful. Using ornamental seagrasses and tall flowering shrubs will help minimize the feel of the hardscape and can still be lush and colorful. We should always make sure that the plants we choose are easy to care for.

• Pool Focus
Many of us have got pools that are the focus of our open areas. And if this is the case, we would think of creating an environment which does not shed debris into the pool or which may attract wildlife. We should also consider privacy. Plants like the succulents do not drop or attract much wildlife. While, flowers such as geraniums and the marigolds do not attract a lot of stinging insects, rabbits, or deer. And on the matter of privacy consider cypress trees. It is good to go with local fruit trees and palms for a tropical feel.

• Oriental Garden
If we must have a garden that has a contemplative space where we can relax and be still then an oriental garden is the best. Small evergreens, rocks, areas to sit, and water features are mostly found in an oriental garden. The garden is awesome. These gardens are perfect for smaller yards. The garden is so fresh and cool and a day can’t pass by before thinking of going to spend some time there. It is the best place to spend an entire day if we do not have something to do on that particular day or feel like just relaxing.

It is good for us to decide on what type of space to create, and with the help of professionals or experts, we can always get value for our money. The professionals will still give us advice and help us achieve our landscape. It is a good feeling to sit and watch what you have always dreamt of come true.

Four Lawn and Landscaping Tips for Spring

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Spring is usually the time to put your sweaters so you can feel the warm sunshine. However, this is also the time to get your landscaping clothes, put them on, and get your hands dirty. The last thing homeowners think about in winter is yard work, but as soon as spring sets in everyone starts getting their backyards in order. Spring is the time to increase your home’s value, improve your property’s appearance and make everyone around your neighborhood jealous. Here are landscaping tips to incorporate into your spring project plans.

Spring Cleaning in the Yard

The first thing to undertake as you prepare for your spring landscaping project is spring cleaning in the yard. This means cleaning up your lawn, flower beds, and garden. The harsh winter conditions might have resulted in a lot of debris, leaves, and branches falling on your lawn, beds, or garden. You, therefore, want to clean up and prepare the area you’re planning to work with.

Plant and Feed

Once the area is cleaned up, the next thing to focus on is installing sod or planting new grass. It’s recommended to use a balanced organic-based fertilizer rather than applying a pre-emergent to your lawn treatment. However, be sure the soil is well prepared and in good condition before planting the grass. Conducting a soil test can help you determine the nutrients that are deficient in the soil. Well, you might want to wait until fall so you can install sod or plant new grass. In such cases, it’s a good idea to a crabgrass barrier pre-emergent with a balanced fertilizer.

Get your Mower Blades Ready

Of course, just like everyone else, you winterized your mower during winter. Spring is now here and it’s time to have the bladed sharpened. It’s a good idea to have this done by a professional. However, if you can do it yourself, remember to remove the spark plug before you take the mower blades off. When the blades are sharp, you’re able to cut the grass effectively without tearing it and causing an unsightly tan to your lawn. Be sure to set a higher mowing height and avoid cutting too low.


Many homeowners wonder how they can benefit from mulch. Well, when it comes to landscaping, it’s important that you have your garden, lawn, or flower beds covered by some material for erosion control and reduce the likelihood of weeds. It’s recommended to apply a four-inch layer of organic mulch over your garden and beds. If you notice weeds in your beds after mulching, consider hand pulling or spraying a glyphosate product like round up. When spraying the garden, be careful not to spray your plants.